Ich bin Kennnn

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just found a visual description of the rescue effort HERE

btw the write up was lame, they made shit up

firstly my friends had no time to react to me falling, and all they saw was me sliding away and I was smiling so there was no "kesakitan" to "menahan". 

and then I released the rope thinking i wud land on steady ground but it gave way. nothing to do with losing balance haha

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Epic Fall (for me)

We went for our usual hillhike at our new favorite hill and the scenery was beautiful as ever. It turned out to be an extremely interesting experience!

That's my foot right there.. just before falling.
I can't remember a thing about the fall, all I remember was that I was holding on to the rope and the next thing I knew I woke up lying on my back hearing my friends and Iris yelling down to me from far away. I didn't really feel any pain but I could feel that my left foot was out of place and that I was bleeding heavily.

While Foong and the rest stayed back to keep me awake, Iris and Jeff ran down the hill in 1 1/2 hours (half the time we took to get up) and met with Kok Weng and then ran back up another route to look for me. 

It was really tough getting up the steep slopes but they climbed as fast as they could. They didn't manage to find me but thankfully the sound of my voice(apparently I was singing) lead some other hikers to find me. 

Eventually the firemen came and carried me down on a stretcher. Took them about 2 hours to get to me and 3 hours to get me down but they did a good job and got me to the ambulance safely. 

As you can see I had fern decorations around me. 

Those who saw me fall said that when I hung on to the rope, it swung to a wierd angle but I was still ok, and then I looked down thought I could probably land safely if I released the rope. But I was wrong and the ground I landed on gave way and I had a combination of sliding and falling for about 200ft. 

I dislocated my left foot and fractured my back. Could barely move for the first few days in the hospital. 

They couldn't get to me because there was a 5m drop a few meters from where I started sliding so they could only yell. They could only hear me sliding for what felt like a couple of minutes before the sound faded away as I slid further.

To summarize the rest, I went from the first hospital to the traditional healer to Assunta Hospital where I received my treatment. I can assure you that going around in an ambulance on Malaysian roads when you are injured isn't fun at all (but I cherish the experience).

For some reason the incident was newsworthy and everyone got a kick out of seeing it on the 8pm news :P

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to those who helped me and accompanied me throught the crucial hours(more like painful hours) after the fall until I was sent into the OR.

Especially Iris for taking very good care of me since the fall and helped nurse me back to health. I am still amazed that she managed to do all that running around for 36 hours without sleep. Aside from the long list of things that she has done to help me when I was handicapped, she gave me a neat mohawk and lots of TLC. I wouldn't have been able to even clean my own ass properly
 if it wasn't for you.

Jeff for busting your legs and feet to run down with iris to look for me (both of them were having difficulties standing up and sitting down for a few days because their tighs were sore) and for spending so much time accompanying me in the hospital and at home. *da kei with me samo lol

Also Kok Weng for rushing all the way from church to the hillside and for busting his ass for me.

My folks  for footing the hospital bill and caring for me.

Foong, Josh, Sheila and Mimi for accompanying me the whole day and for keeping me awake while rescuers searched for me. *the gay jokes and ambiguous balloon cheered me up*

Kevin, Andrew and Ramax(thanx for the wheelchair wheelies in the hospital) for helping me run errands and like taking me to the hospital and stuff. 

and thanks to those who visitd me, the moral support and gifts were very helpful!

I hope I didn't miss anyone out.

I would also like to thank the kind hikers for finding me and helping me out when they heard me. I don't know who you are but I hope you get my thanx.

This was truly a very valueble experience. I can now cross "Nearly Die in Accident but Survive" out of my bucket list (list of things to do before I kick the bucket). I am also reminded that I have wonderful people around me :)

Being semi-bedridden and staying at home a lot for 2 weeks made me realize that I can never live a life that is any less exciting than it currently is and be satisfied with it. Life was lame when all I did was within the safety of my home.

I am still recovering but one thing is for sure, I will climb again once I have recovered!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Been playing this to pass my time while recovering.
For those of u who know the game, my bro and I nuked, satellite dropped and splashed toxic onto hundreds of bears and other units and our coms forced exited RA3 while we were at it lol