Ich bin Kennnn

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bungee, Bridge Jumping and Water Skiing

The bungee jump.

Green markings for bridge jumping , black for bungee. I went for both but bungee was still the most exciting one!

Bridge jumping is where they tie you to an adjescent bridge and have you jump off and swing like a pendulum. T'was a nut shrinking experience and so much adrenaline was pumped through my veins that I felt like dancing to the techno music being played at the jumping area!

We had to go through a "production line" before jumping. First there was the harness dude who strapped the harness on..

then the legs thingie dude who strapped the legs thingie on..

then the "leg thingies" dude who was also the "get you through a small hole at the side of the bridge" dude will help you get feet first through that diamond shaped hole instead of over it..

*at this point I was asking the dudes about what possible stunts I could do while jumping*

Throughout the process a nice lady walks around with a camcorder and captures the preparation and jump on DVD

Then they place you at the edge and ask for your name. And you hear something like this: OK KENNETH FROM MALAYSIA, GET READY TO JUMP IN 3, 2, 1.. (push)

*at this point I wanted to jump as much as I didn't want to and no stunts aside from the jump itself was attempted*

I couldn't even scream when I first plunged down. It was like my body froze. Then I was cracked like a whip and that felt like all my blood were in my hands. I bounced back up to a few meters away from where I jumped off and this time around I went down yelling "FUUUUUUCK!!!"

It was a great experience and unfortunately I did not wear any thing on my feet and had to hike back up barefooted which was a fairly painful experience.

We were also fortunate enough to go for water skiing. This is the view from the bucky (pick up truck kinda vehicle) that we travelled on most of the time whenever we needed to get anywhere in the beach area.

Took me 3 days to finally learn to water ski, and yes it is a lot harder than it looks! Firstly it is challenging just to get into the correct starting position cz the skis are really heavy and hard to manouver in the water so we look quite silly just trying to get into position on the first 2 days.

Then you need to hold on really tightly and then the next challenge would be actually getting out of the water without losing control of the skis or grip on the rope handle. Often times my skis went in opposite directions and I end up unwillingly doing a massive split and smashing my face onto the surface of the water.

Most of the time we had to ride on the boat while others were being pulled and being wet and half naked, we were freezing our sacs off as the wind painfully shot at us

eventually I got the hang of it and managed to hold on for more than 5 minutes (i think) before having to let go out of exhaustion. It's really tiring and I was hurting in places that I never knew existed. I realy wish I could do this once a week cz I'd be really fit then.

Here are some additional pics of the beach area that I stumbled upon again.

The first one's of the FOAM that the crashing waves created. It looked exactly like bubblebath foam and felt like it too (didn't smell like it though). I stood there for a long time just looking at the foam forming.. mesmerized (was also needing to pee and was thinking about how I could use the foam to my advantage;).

Also spotted this nifty idea for a power cable or telephone line.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

South Africa - recently acquired pics

I've recently got my hands on some long awaited pics of my YE trip to South Africa. So here they are.

1st off
was the view from my make-shift bed looking out to the balcony of the beach house. You can hear the waves crashing and feel and smell the sea breeze all from there..

Pic of us in the "Kancil" of South Africa, damn popular car. And we sometimes have our feet sticking out from the windown like that to catch the wind.

Rocky beach that we had to make our way across to reach the fishing spot. You can see the white "bucky" (truck) we rode there on.

Some nice sea urchins I found lying around

Sea anemone. They had crystal clear water and a lot of really cool stuff in it but I didn't have a camera with me all the time so these are all I managed to capture.

Jelly fish they call the "blue eye". Pretty nasty sting that we had to watch out for when water skiing.

Preparing for snorkeling. This one was a really rough ride cz the water was shallow, the current from the waves was harsh and we were constantly trying not to get pushed against the sharp rocks. T'was a great thrill doing it though ;)

Snails cooking on the bbq. Goes damn well with salt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things that go without saying.. much

Exhibit A - a clipping for last week's newspaper

"Muhammad Hawas of Saudi Arabia posing with his Damascene goat, which won the first prize for the Most Beautiful Goat' title at the Mazayen al-Maaz competition in Ryadh yesterday. - Reuters"

Exhibit B - Recent underground rock concert in KL

The Entrance
10 men Mosh Pit!!! (efficiency at its best)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hitz.fm, It's Ma Hobbeh

One of my band's (Aural Joint) singles is finally playing on Hitz.fm!! Sadly, I've only managed to hear the last 5 seconds of it after Wee Hin called to inform me about it.

The song "Away" was previously known as "Fly". This is great news for the band and we are writing more new material and hopefully start gigging ASAP!!

On the other hand..

I understand how some girls feel about shopping at malls cz I do my window shopping for tarantulas and other exotics online.
Recently I found a few of my favorite species for sale and I have been buying loads of spiders for myself. It's an addiction because I'm bending backwards just to fork out the cash I need for them but my need for them is insatiable.

I become restless and cannot sleep well when I see the tarantulas that I am interested in available online and absolutely have to buy them even if I have to spend thousands.
On the other hand, I find great joy in raising tarantulas especially when they molt, eat and mate. Breeding them is always a target I strive to achieve.

Despite the facts that the country is run by hopeless degenerates and rich with human form of vermin, I feel very fortunate to be here right now because life is good!