Ich bin Kennnn

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Jobs

Been working once in awhile during my holidays to fund my tarantula hobby and here's what I have to show for it..

Wayang Kulit

This was a first for me. I never thought I'd live to see the day I worked on an RTM1 production. T'was a contemporary version of the wayang kulit.

I felt like I was in a play school. Wudv bin thrilled to play with them as a kid.
This spot light was friggin hot and bright. Sometimes one person has to be above it to control the puppets, so we took turns to roast our armpits.Looks quite simple to control right? right..
It was hard enough trying to manipulate and maneuver the puppets, we also had to make sure that our puppets stayed in frame while moving and lip-sync to the pre-recorded voice overs accurately. We recorded an entire season of 13 episodes in about 20 hours in 2 days.

It will also be a first time for me to get excited about a Malay puppet show for kids on RTM1!!

I've also been helping a local band set up for gigs. I like this job cz I get to enjoy rock performances while getting paid. Basically we had to load these fatties into and out of the car and onto the stage area, set them up, and then load them into the car again.

Friggin heavy stuff!

an underground rock concert in Zouk KL

Anthony the band's sound guy!! (Chup Sum Bong by night)

Sunburst WooOhoo!! INCUBUS for FREE!!!
AIM (Anugerah Industi Muzik)
Waiting for our cue with the band's equipment backstage. Had to crouch to avoid being seen by the audience.

JD's guitar support equipment looks really nice with its lights when turned on
backstage view
JD's pedalboard covered with inflamable droplets from fire eaters after his Freak Show performance.

closing time..
SITI NURHALIZA FOR FREE!!!!! just kidding, I wasn't that excited about her but it was a decent show altogether :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Recording my first song, Fall, in SAE

After going for all those Youth Exchange Programs I really understand the beauty of travelling and have developed new cravings for activities like skiing (snow and water), bungee jumping, and desert rock flipping (hunting for scorpions, snakes, tarantulas n shit). Gona need lots of cash and people to travel with. Need to work my ass off for that but it may affect my music needs.
On the highest peak in Stranda, Norway.

Exotic Pets
Thank God my pet hobby doesn't need much attention!! I can maintain it once a month and the animals wud be fine. Just need cash and space for this one.
TV interview on the tarantula hobby.