Ich bin Kennnn

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For Ivy

Here's how u can sex your Costa Rican Zebra

Relax, and gently pick it up by holding it's sides.

flip it
Take a pic with flash but not too dahsyat punya flash, ask Jessie she pro 1.
See the transparent slit? that's a female.
Also see the 2 darkened spots there? that also says it's a female

This one's from the same batch of eggs with yours and it's a she.

Good luck sexing your T!
*let me know if u find out

For Zhong

Here's a machine that looks like the one in ur blog, saw many of such robots in a furniture factory in Norway. All moving quickly like they were in a big hurry to finish work. Can't imagine how hard it wud b to get them to move all over the place so fast if u had to do so much just to make it pick stuff up.
This one had shades and a Santa cap on cuz it was xmas time =P

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Norge Part II

As you can clearly see in the logo on the right end of the signboard, it is apparent that this shop sells rectal shafts of various shapes and sizes. If you look carefully, you will also see a suggestive picture of a person's bare ass on the left glass panel below the signboard. One night, I accidentally melted a naughty looking hole in a plastic computer speaker when I pointed a lamp too closely to it. From that moment on, I made good use of the lamps around the house when I needed to quickly soften hardened butter. Just had to be in this picture. Some of the red potion I salvage from the rotting carcass of a pwned Amazon. Drank half of it and got +50 health. Had to tweak the contrast for this one so you can easily spot the hidden XD

View across the fjord (river out to sea)

If the ice is thick enough for small animals, it's thick enough for me
I guess..