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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Norway Finalle!

This looks quite cold dunit?
It is the final day, and still not feeling cool enough, we violently demanded for one last stint, and the submissive hosts were coerced into giving in.
So this is it, it's wat you just have to do if you are in a place like this to truly experience it..

now, even the Norwegians who were spectating have never done anything like this before and said that they personally would not ever do it. So I'm quite impressed that all 10 Malaysian students did it, especially the girls.

Coming out was harder than getting in. I felt like I was partially frozen and walked like a fast penguin to the car, stopping a few times for pics. It was nearly a minute in the water, but a loooong minute.. * and a very short dick and a shrivled balls that I couldn't feel for awhile. Had to check if they were still there when I got home.
getting in the car felt so relieving, though my feet and toes were hurting badly due to the cold from walking on the snow.
well after getting out from the water and getting some warmth from the car heaters, we decided to hit the snow

the cold was so bad I couldn't feel my feet or move my toes, again

its truly a new sensation to me and I am glad we all did it!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mitsubishi Perdan/Wira

Not much time to blog but I just had to post these up!

spotted the work of these Japanese design thieves (namely mitsubishi designers)

Mitsubishi Perdana

and they thought they could get away by using Proton Wira's design for the sides. pfft...


buy the original-