Ich bin Kennnn

Monday, October 08, 2007

Camwhoring with our new friend

All this hype about camwhoring has got to me and Kevin as well.

Molly wanted to play but no touchie

Due to the lack of pictures, Vanilla remains a mystery.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Surprising surprise!

I received one of the most uplifting invitations today.

It was Brian my drummer, said it was in his compound for me to collect, how thoughtful!

so my brother(Kevin) and I hurried over and bagged it.

more than 5kgs worth of it!
u get the idea..
This is my first wild python catch, it could've been bigger but it was still fun =)

So boys and girls, keep me in mind when you have a beautiful animal in your compound. I'll gladly come over as fast as I can to bag it!
Speacial thanx to Brian Wong for spotting the snake and calling me immediately!

It all started in a trip to Cameron Highs..

Andrew got friggin bored.. as always

so we got him a cute umbrella hat to keep him occupied :)

Which made mom jelous and he had to drag her away from the hat shop
We had lots of fun during the trip,
but things got even more interesting
when it turned night
and all were getting ready to sleep

For the apartment unit above us was notorious for hauntings,
and the ghosts decided to move furniture, again, for the 2nd night in a row.
It was too much to take for Andrew's nut sacklings;
he got so scared and begged mom to sleep with him, to not go.
It was too funny, I laughed so hard and mom was giggling,
Thank god for technology, that fateful night was captured on video.

The furniture shifting could be heard, the vid's too big to upload though.

A visit to the strawberry farm unveiled lewd creations.

Behold, the Stud-hairy AssberryThe Nipplyberry
and my all time favorite, the Punaniberry!
Kevin and I had a night trek as always.
Here are some creatures we found.

a cute frog that we brought back to the hotel and photographed upon release

a spider-like bughairy jumping spider
a large 3" huntsman

a tiny semi-transparent spider, no bigger than .5cm
prickly caterpillar, about 1cm
and a nice surprise. Milipedes. Not one, not 5..

but a FRIGGIN NEST of them!
there were more under the bark and we suspect that most of them were in the soil,
each measuring approx 6"
they dissapeard in minutes after we found them.It was a worthy trip.")