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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tarantula Times

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cape Town, South Africa!

Al Fakher!! Grant and his shisha supplies in his room.
Paintings sold at the town centre
Super fresh calamari, fish, chicken, chips, thousand island sauce!! I ate so much that I could feel the calamari after taste for a few hours.

Small town in Cape Town
One of the most popular beaches in CT. With posh cafe's and hangout places lining the shore, its bangsar x20. It's the place where ppl strut their stuff, models, celebs, even body builders do their "check out my sweet lumps, lick my tits" kinda thing here.
There were playful seals in the dock waters. Some guy kept pretending to speak to the seals as if they knew and understood him and made quite a scene out of it, he scolded them from time to time and shouted "don't eat anymore, you are too fat already." I think his wife might have been suppressing him too much at home and he has to resort to this for stress release.
Signpost at Cape Point, the tip of Cape Town. This is one of the most(if not most) Southern tip of Africa. All the main cities of the world and Malaysia were there! We figured we'd make our mark there as well. Despite the space constraints on the heavily marked poll and a broken marker pen, I managed to find a spot and left our mark!
Ken-Wae and Jia Wei.