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Friday, April 27, 2007

Gay Bike

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Monday, April 23, 2007

South Africa, Ostrich Edition I

The Klues! ages from left when pic was taken: 20, 21, 13, 16, 40+, 40+, 9. Mighty Papa Klue (Helgard, the tallest) appears to be very strong. For KKF's 21st birthday, we're getting a trannie about that size to service him.

Flashback: sceneries on the way to their place from the Airport
*that green hill is huge, the trees on it appear so small that they cant even be seen in the pic*

mountains topped with clouds like whipped cream on women (thanx to jinq for idea)

well, you get the idea..Entrance to the farming area

Young Jodie Foster on her DIY motorbike. Bikes were very useful there, we moved around on dirt bikes around the farm. They had quad bikes but we did not have time to ride them, dang! View from front door of farmhouse

view of front door to farmhouse
They had ostriches in their backyard, these were their pets.
I was told that all it takes to scare an ostrich is to hold a broom or something thing thats tall over ur head to make yourself look taller than the ostrich. If you appear as you are however, your assets(whatever they are) will be whooped.
some young people from nearby villages that came for a town gathering of somesort, there was beer, brandy, braai (bbq), salad and a lot of traditional dancing. It was great fun.
Peacocks on their roof. They used to farm them, had bout 20, but then got rid of them cuz they make really annoying sounds. Peacocks generally sound like an old woman dying from drinking acid.

Their drinking water is collected in this "water-holding-thing", I believe the water flows in from the mountains. Totally exposed to pranksters but it's free and mineral packed!The path that leads to the land of lovely creatures.. featured in Part II

They even have a graveyard outside their house, just like the Sims!Breakfast was great. Oats and milk never tasted so good to me. I ate a lot of it and totally loved it.
Nostalgia.. and it still works!
Leaving the farm..

It was an amazing experience, truly one of the highlights of my stay in SA even though it was just for 2 days.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Farm Life, Ostrich Edition II

I am quite obsessed with arachnids. After asking the people in that area where I could find scorpions, I persuaded my host brother to bring me to search for them and he did. I was as happy as a 7 year old boy visiting Micheal Jackson's mansion for the first time. He took me on a buggy made out of an old Volkswagen Beetle.
The ride was rough, I got hit by dirt and seedpods throughout the journey and got really tanned but it was good fun!
We stopped at 2 places and this was the last place. *check out the buggy*

found lots of lovely creatures including wild hares that dashed across in front of us, but no snakes sadly.
Tarantula in its burrow, the locals call them baboon spiders.

milipedesPillbugs, these guys are the 1/5 the size of a raisin and look like rat poo when rocks were flipped over. Upon closer inspection I found out what they really were.
nice creatures, but I saved the

Host bro Tian(Sabastian) climbing a pine tree to pluck acorns for me to bring home as souvenirs.

This is how it looked where I hunted for arachnids.I miss this place, we spent a few good hours flipping rocks and I would gladly spend months doing it if I could..
Ok I've saved the best for the last.

Now ur probably wondering what the apples this is 4" freak. It fits the slang "Chibai face".
Lifted a rock and found it in a threat pose(lifting legs up to say "do worry, I bite") but we bagged it anyway, gahaha. In case ur wondering, this is a windscorpion. The locals say that it grows to nearly a foot long sometimes and that this was just a baby. I have yet to see a big mama but I will be back one day to hunt for one.
I eventually released both windscorpions in Cape Town because they were too large to smuggle. However the tarantula and some scorpions were small enough to fit in my pants so they made it safely to Malaysia!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dogs of SA

Now to balance the gross post out with a less gross one.

WSD's host family's Jack Russle (Standerton)

Duke, my host family's Jack Russle (Standerton)Dutchess, my host family's Collie (Standerton)

Dutchess and Duke, Duke loves chasing the ball
Pointer at wild predatory birds rehab center
The other pointers, they had at least 4 of themChurchill, host family's British Bulldog in Johannesburg.
Some ill-treated dogs at a squatters camp, sad sight. There were plenty of dogs there, I was told that they breed the dogs and try to sell the puppies.
A host family friend's mongrel. (near ostrich farm)

Another one near the ostrich farm
This one was asleep most of the time, probably high on something. Was sleeping on the staircase in a house in Cape Town where we were celebrating New Years.more to come once i edit them!


Congratulations, it's a Bird!

While I was living on an ostrich farm just outside of George, my host family brought me to their friend's place where ostrich eggs were being incubated.

I was in luck and got a first hand glimpse of the insides of a soon-to-hatch ostrich egg. Amazing stuff, enjoy!

1: Egg shell is cracked open with a small hammer and "peeled" off
2: White membrane is exposed (scientists please correct me if I'm wrong)
3: I can see it's.. what the heck is that? reminds me of rotten oysters

4: Off goes the final layer of membrane..

5: quack* quack*. It's bloody and evil.

6: Time to put you back to where you came from, bloody evil oyster scum!This isn't normally done to oysters but an oyster was assisted because I put on my curious face that day.

After that I was given an emptied-out deformed ostrich egg shell as a souvenir. Some claim to be able to hear the screams of a thousand deformed ostriches through the hole at the bottom of the egg. I think they have issues.