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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The South African Odyssey Begins!

I went to South Africa for a month, from early December to early Jan under the LIONS CLUB Youth Exchange Program.

Prepared for the many hour journey. 2 hours from house to plane seat, 2 hours flight to Changi, suck eggs during transit for 2 hours and then take a 9 hour flight to Johannesburg (Joburg) where I was driven around for a few hours.

The trip started on a great sampaty note as you can see in the family picture of mine below. Well, at least we tried to be decent.

even dad became sampat and pushed mom and andrew. If only you could see my Aunt swaying like she was gona fall LOL. so comical!

From left: the LION in charge of the YE program, me, April, and a well-shaved dwarf. 3 Youth Exchangees (YEs) in total.
Transit in Changi Airport: spotted some ambiguous signs.

First one caused Micheal Jackson's face to flash in my mind (thankfully I was flashed only by his face and not the rest of his goodies).
now this I don't quite get. Looked like something's suppose to hit u in the crotch and make u puke into the strategically positioned bowl of some sort. Plus it's auto. Can u guess wat they mean?

Met many LIONS members at the airport in Joburg, we were exhausted but relieved.

Went to the Yee Pui Leng's(the shortest YE's) host's house for "transit " again, where we waited for our host families to come.
Their lovely black labradore retriever.Prosperous jack russell terrier in front of their front lawn. We were sitting around a table just behind him, where his gazed was fixed on.
more front lawn, the gate is by the pillar on the right.

left view of where i satthe food!!! great food but poor apetite. The exhaustion made me lose it.

some of the wonderful people that hosted us, the rest have not arrived when the picture was taken.We were eventually whisked off to our cozy hosts's homes and allowed to unpack and rest a lil.

More SA entries to come soon!