Ich bin Kennnn

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Johannesburg, South Africa

Been in South Africa since the 10 Dec, will be back on 7 Jan 2007.

It's been great so far, everything from the landscape, food, and accents are very diff frm msia. They love their alcohol and red meat.

I'm predicting that i'll be a coffee addict like ajah by the time i get back.

These are the only pics blog spot is letting me upload so far so i think ill only be blogging wen i get back.

am currently with my 2nd host family, we're in Johannesburg. pics of 1st host will be in when i get back, had tons of fun there.

Flowers along the entrance of the hse

italian host dad is the one sitting down in red, love their music, felt like i was in paris. The dude's some telecommunications tycoon and loves having parties. About 3 times a week.

More pics will be up as soon as i can upload them. Miss you guys back in Malaysia alot.