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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Batu Caves, uncut

Visited Batu Caves with family for the first time in YEARS.

Was thoroughly shocked to see the towering golden statue in front of it.

Had a great climb, time for the pics!

as u can see in the first pic, many visitors tried to act like they were stopping to enjoy the scenery when they were actually too tired to climb. The boy in red is my bro Andrew and my dad's the blue shirt next to him.

spotted some nifty water bottles, not sure if they're holy water cz the lable is written in tamil..
I'm now inspired to create "interesting"ly shaped bottles in the future ;)
then there were the monkeys.. this one reminded me of an old teacher of mine, that same gaze..

Below: this one looks like sheila when she sees something horrific and goes "oh my gosh.."
this one is my favorite mainly because it was so proud of its Glorious Tits!

I know you wana lick them after looking at them, flick them with your tongue and slap your face against them.. sicko

after coming down, from the great cave, I saw this cute boy. check out his footwear!

he looked so puzzled with the pigeons reaction when he moved near them.
very nice to look at

then we left, and we saw these two pushing their patrol car that did not wana move on its own..
can you spot the lazy ass?
and that sums up the morning we visited batu caves, it was a very interesting experience indeed^_^

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Catch of the Day

Finally, the moment I've waited for for so long.. a wild snake appeared in my house compound and i caught it. I love snakes but am not able to keep as many as I want due to family issues. Do not have much experience with them also sadly, so this was rather exciting for me.

heres the little beauty, just over 1m long and finger thicktried to get it out from between some roofing at the shed but failed so i gave up. Had a bath and was on my way out when i saw it appear, so I quickly caught the little b@stard.
it's called a paradise tree snake and this 1 can jump, curious? u can watch the video of it jumping here
click on any of those vids, mine was a Chrysopelea paradisi

it tried doing that jumping action when I was clutching it but obviously failed lol

placed it at the pet shop, still deciding if i should take cash or trade for stg..

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hedgies for sale *booked*

After keeping these 2 albino hedgehogs for over 8 months, I've decided to put them up for sale because I have no time to care for them.

Here they are after a bath = )

glad someone has booked them =)