Ich bin Kennnn

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tarantula Caramella~ this one's orgasmic

Avicularia Versicolor 2.5" male (dead for one day)
Butt cracked

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ball & Blue

Hanging out..
Addictive - how exotic animals are as addictive to me as ciggies are to smokers, just can't live without them
PalmtopMore pics at My Pet Blog
*some pics here are in that blog as well*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chap Posts #2

Rama's Doberweilers scratching their wee wees on the rough cement, the one on the left must've hit a spot ;)
Labrador shys away from camera while the scratching gets more intense
Ngeh! his sharp sense of smell and quick reflexes saved him from contamination by the wanker's hand
rain water
flush away your woes (and some shit)..
the face in my room

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ich Bin Kennnn Season 2

Am back after a long break (would've taken longer if it weren't for schizo's push, thx woman)!!! For the very few ppl who have been checking my unupdated blog all this while, you have my thanx and I'm sorry for the unsightly old crap. Hope my future posts will somewhat satisfy you.

Alot has happened, my social life has spun to an unrecognizable state and I've lost my SonyCybershot. Bought a Canon Ixus 60 6mp, last friday and have been experimenting with it for the past few days.

Visited Rama on Deepavali and had a great workout trying to snap decent pics of his playful rottie-doberman pups. Had part of his garden destroyed in the process.

Took this while it was raining. It's like looking out through a cage into a garden of hope from which the light emitted from the lamp post of hope shines tauntingly.
Okla I'm not that artsy fartsy, was actually just tinkering with the ISO settings, I believe this was taken at ISO 400

There are many more pics of the pups and other things but i have not unloaded them. Will post up the decent ones when I have the time.