Ich bin Kennnn

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bad Drinker

I'm not good with alcohol, had abit to drink at a bday party earlier, and my head was throbbing with blood as usual.

My face looked like it got exposed to the sun for hours.

When i got home, I had a bath while shitting (sitting on the toilet bowl ofcourse), just let the water flow down my head. The process required some pushing, and that pushing resulted in higher blood pressure in my already throbbing head. It was like my head was about to explode each time i pushed for shit. So hard, i gave up and packed up.

now im gona sleep

good night and sweet dreams.

Monday, September 18, 2006

How it is

Its the end of the semester, end of exams, and probably the end of many things.
Had one of the best dinners of my life on friday and one of the worst losts on the same day cz my car got broken into, my hp, friend's lappie and digicam were taken.

Had a very nice jamming session on sat but had a horrible sorethroat which led to a fever im having right now.

Felt sickly and just wanted to get home quick, had a smooth drive, great luck with most traffic lights, but beat a red light very near my house and got booked, didn't have change, had to choose between Rm300(pay later) and Rm50(pay then).

Had everything I needed to make me happy and pretty satisfied with life at the beginning of last sem, but have lost a significant chunk of that by the end of the sem and am expecting to lose more soon enough.

It's important that i master the art of letting things slip, after all, its the only logical, efficient, and healthy thing to do when there is no way out.

Still working on it, already 70% through though I doubt my humanly nature would allow me to touch 100%.

Its annoyingly challenging for me, perhaps im a spoilt brat.

*just found out that RM50 emergency $$ from my glove compartment was taken also*

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cameron Highlands, KKF's Bday, Chaps

Went to Camerons with some funny friends to search for the things I love
it rained that day and it was pretty damn foggy, alot foggier than how it turned out in the pic. Went back at night and it was as bad as Silent Hill
paid(shit i spelt "payed" instead) to pay a visit to the butterfly farm *no grammar mistake here*
saw some very unenthusiastic cactus that resembled stuff we normally joke aboutthere were very cute horned beetles on display
huge moths with transparent sections on their wings
and disgustingly huge abdomen
a gorgeous gecko
Sheila and Tammy gobbled them down for dinner months ago
strawberries and lube for the guestsKwokiman submitting to one of our ideas, although the scar on the tree was not quite strategic enough, the shape of the tree was very ambiguous

from left: jong and KKF enjoying a moment of bliss
Molly's latest kill..Honeybuns's latest kills..

from left: mom's friend's and mom's


didn't work on me, i still gave her what she deserved, would it have worked on you?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chap Posts (mixed posts)

All assignments done with! can finally blog again!

Was extremely thrilled to have one of my Ts produce an eggsac, but it turned out spoiled as u can see in this pic..looked so promising from the outside all just gooey muck inside, much like my head.

During one of those assignment and presentation filled days, me brought some Ts to college for a persuasive presentation titled "Why Tarantulas Make Good Pets".

Decided to drop by the ADP office to "share" them with the staff, esp abraham since he seemed quite keen to see them

*censored their faces just in case they might not like the camera angle*

u probably know who this is if ur in Block E often enough..
and this person too..

Then there was the time I drove pass a store near Petaling Street selling what appeared to be SARS MASKS!!
they'd probably make great titty guards.. but SARS?
I mean c'mon, who do you think you're kidding?

Last but not least, the incident that Ira thought I TOLD EVERYONE, which infact I did not. It is only now that I'm blogging it.

Brief History & Background Info:
Kenneth RARELY washes the wira, he leaves it to his dad and maid most of the time.
Kenneth RARELY polishes the wira, he leaves it to his dad most of the time.
Kenneth vacuums the wira EVEN MORE RARELY than washing or polishing it.

On a Monday afternoon 2 weeks ago, Kenneth decided to WASH, POLISH, and VACUUM the wira, and he did a bloody fine job. He took 2 hours to finish everything and admired his glorious work with a satisfacting sigh.

The following day, some dumbfuck hit my parked car in the parking lot.

The black arrows labled "In" and "Out" indicate the way traffic should go, so technically, even though my car is parked at a non-park zone, it should be pretty darn safe since it stays out of the way of any traffic.

But as you can see, some noob driver took the wrong way out while fiddling with his radio during a turn and did a full friggin U-turn. This act of pure genius truly deserves the "Biggest Sohai Award" and a liscence revoke.

According to the carpark staff, the air-conditioned pondok 2 meters away from my car "gegar"-ed when my car was hit. The mofo left my backdoor permanently closed, undercarriage fucked and passenger door dented.

It it my car so hard that the rims on the other side of the car slammed on the curb and chipped it. After the incident, they constantly lost air ..
His story was that the shaft on his less-than-1year-old wira broke while he was turning, causing him to lose control and hit my car. I say it's BS, cz not only could I see the BS in his beady little eyes, it is common sense that if his car hit me from his right front hardly enough, his shaft will break. I am also aware that the broken shaft is a blessing because not only am I somewhat avenged, it also prevented him from fleeing like a rat and avoiding the need to settle it with me(which he would probably have done so if he could).
He was all ^_^ and shit when he met up with me. Not that it mattered much, but this Einstein made me go to the police station 3 times. How shitty. Thankfully we claimed everything from his insurance.