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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sat Struck

Our Communication Law & Ethics class organized a media ethics talk as a 40% greded term project.

1st speaker: Steven Gan from Malaysia Kini

He spoke about the police raid on the Malaysia Kini office and about the pepper spray issue. It was pretty humorous and informative. Here we were reminded of how the media is controlled by the government (stuff like the ISA)

2nd speaker: Sonia Randhawa

She touched on issues such as the ear squats case, the black metal case (in which people were arrested for acting indecent(they wore black shirts). ). and other intersting stuff..
3rd speaker: Oon Yeoh

now his was interesting cz he spoke about blogging. did u know that you can get urself into trouble for having comments that are offensive to the gov?

so if u guys wana sabotage me and send my ass to jail, just post lots of shit about the gov..
I personally feel that it was a very informative and interesting seminar. The speakers were excellent and their topics were great. If you want the report on it leme noe ill email it to you.

Azral(emcee for the day), Sugeshini & Jonathan
kinda look like a sugar glider's face doesn't it?
Group pic, organizing committee. Check out Mr. Kannan's enthusiasm..

Went for lunch after that, decided to have KFC CHEESY BBQ since it looked so good on the ad. looks YUMMY!!

but when it was served..

ugh, what a bloody con job!!didn't taste good also. DON'T BUY THIS SHIT! IT'S CRAP!!


Went for the jazz festival at Mt Kiara at about 10 at night.
We managed to get a table with a decent view of the stage.

The first band that was playing when we got there was good, but the 2nd band turned our mood upside down. The vocalist kept yelling things we could not understand and I felt like he was yelling at my ear non stop. We tolerated the bombardment for more than 30 mins before we decided that we've had enough. It liiterally gave me a headache and left me stoned for a couple of hours.

Brought my scorpion for Tammy's bro to play with. It kept climbing up his arm as i took pics and he got more and more worried LOL, sporting guyThe guards on duty that night were dressed pretty gayly.. look closely and you can even see where the guy on the left is staring at ;)

and then I saw a sign, I obeyed.
The night went on and on and on..

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ban List Banned

Taken from NST, Prime News pg 16, Thurs Aug 10 2006.

here we see where our education system is heading..
okay.. why don't they just ban astro then?
and you thought fining the organizers of the PCD concert and telling Linkin Park not to shout, jump around or wear shorts was rediculous..

Well since those who tend to get orgasmic over banning stuff are technically idiotic hogs, they should be banned themselves, since it would be "conferring to the powers of speech to an animal.".

I feel we should start with the apes who warm the seats of our pariamen, i mean parliament, to behave like decent human beings before trying to act like walking bibles. There are certain kinds of people that just make me wana shove durians up their asses.. those who know me well enough know;)

Pic Collection : 1st ed

Here is a compilation of some misc pics I took

Pic 1: Pepper Fly
Taken at a pan meen roadside shop. Seems that even flies want some spice in their lives#

Pic 2: Flattened charity muffins
someppl put in handbag and got them crushed.
ate them anyway

Ended up licking them off the paper in an obscene manner and somehow the gang laughed about it looking like I was lickign dirt off a *****Pic 3: SLK ciggie.
I don't smoke but took a puff from that and it tasted interesting. Kinda forgot the taste now but it was fragrant like aroma therapy smoke..

Monday, August 07, 2006


When I drive..

I believe this pic was taken by irawanani. Do holler if you see me driving, I'll blow you a lovely flying kiss.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Night Trailing - Bkt Gasing

Went night forest trailing on thursday night with some friends and the two Japanese exchange students who were stayin with me last week. My friends and I do this once in awhile to look for nifty creatures, eg snakes, arachnids, insects, etc. My folks were dead worried about it at first since it was the hungry ghost festival, but we went anyway since I don't believe in any of that shit.

Entered the forest at about 10pm and exited after 12am.

The first thing we saw was a Kenari parked 5 meters after the entrance of the forest. We saw figures moving inside and we knew immediately what kind of people were inside ;) The road was pretty narrow so we had to walk very near the car to pass, and with our flashlights shining away, we could've easily made it a very embarrassing ordeal for the couple, but being nice ppl, we did not.What a impression for the Japanese guys huh..

We moved on, saw a curious "gash" on a tree.. tee hee

and on the floorboard of a watchtower..Spotted some 3-D spiderwebs around, was box shaped, though unclear in the picture, u can have a better idea of it if you click to enlargeand then we saw this!!

note: the puny hind legs. It was playing dead at the time i took the pics, but before we captured it it was standing tall on it'ts front legs. Looked so odd!!
This was a very cool looking frog, so glad to have found it^_^
This spider looks like a poecilotheria tarantul, I like the aesthetic value of the pic.

We crossed a cool suspension bridge which we had to walk on a single cable, saw large milipedes, spotted a fairly large scorpion in its burrow, saw a huge centipede which was at least half a foot long, spotted a rat on a tree.. all which I did not snap pics of cz my cam batts died off by then =P It was quite an interesting trip for the Japanese I would say.

The Japanese were pretty exhausted after the 2 hour+ stint, but they were hungry so I brought them for roti canai and milo ice with some friends who were already at the mamak.

You may think that the Japs love drifting, but many still don't(the two Japanese boys who I hosted have not even HEARD of Tokyo Drift. On the way back after eating, I did some Initial-D(they didn't understand the word "drifting", so I had to refer to Initial-D) with my 650CC kancil and scared the happy cabages out of them Japanese boys. One of them was thrilled and excited (Tsuyoshi) but the other was terrified (Jun). After the 1st drift I asked them if they wanted another and Jun said "no no no" but I drifted right after he said it lol. Jun said in his choppy Japanese accent "I tsink you shood b arestard".

It was a pretty fun day I would say. I will blog about the ghey times I had with them soon.