Ich bin Kennnn

Monday, July 31, 2006

Stuff You Don't Normally Find On Your Car

Hazy day today,
many things were pretty grey,
and just like jahja's say,
I was pretty gay.

Waited for Vagi and Kent but never went,
instead I went back to my car, and foundnothing out of the world yea? but what I saw next was pretty damn out of MY world..

apparently, someone or something decided to use my hood as a canvas for emo art..looks like chunks of purple shit, but why purple? some bird had too many prunes?

any idea what that shit is? I'm still very much clueless

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Food Filled Party

I'm now blogging and not sleeping because my stomach is still bloated from the stuff I ate at the party.


Pui San's Birthday Party.
Potluck, BBQ.
Did alot of sitting, stuffing, whining about being too full to eat the stuff i wana eat.

Fetched suping from her house, she brought a pan(not sure wat u call that) of apple crumble and was holding it like an offering to Zeus throughout the entire journey. I was constantly worried about the getting a layer of crumble all over the interior of my car, esp when I brakes(my driving instructor pronounced it that way) and went over humps. Was also worried that she might splat her face on the crumble if the car bounced too hardly.
Nothing of that sort happened, everything was fine. Abit sad la actually, I cud'v blogged abt it if it happened.

I brought canned fruits which, unfortunately, did not make it to the cocktails cz there were none.
The lables were somewhat misleading, though common, I somehow feel the need to blog them.

Exhibit A:
Stuff with pineapples

Perhaps the description is for foreigners who do not know what rambutans are?

Exhibit B:
565 GAMS
565 GRAM

Now do you see a pattern here?

Fooled around with the party spray. Used Tse Mei's hair as a dark backdrop to capture the stuff.
As you can see, the party spray was more like Rama's sneeze.. it was busted and totally unparty-like, such a spoil sport.

This is all it could churn out.
It was a pretty tame party, nothing extreme happened so i decided to make knee titties with what was left of the unparty-like spray. Titties.. used to do this with chalk back in school. 1 nipple got flattened here cz the spray was being the spoil sport it was that night.

Then we had Baileys ice cream. Was yummy and resembled babyfood which made me feel like splatting it around with my spoon.

Thankfully, my face didn't fire up that night from the shandy and baileys. My face always does that to me, even a bottle of Carlsberg can make me blush like mad.

As the night went on, the food at the party made several attempts to stain my clothes and some succeeded. Even Suping's apple crumble that missed my jeans and hit the floor managed to get one last shot at me by making me unintentionally step on it.Some ice cream that got me just where it wanted.
Left at about 11.30pm. A tree stump tried to assasinate me by tripping me before I could reach the car door. Didn't die but was laughed at.. malu>_< Not the most exciting saturday night of my life, but certainly a relaxing and enjoyable one.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


No more cheese!
A pic of a leopard gecko that i used to have, editing was done by elfie, this pic pwns!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Snakes & Hamsters

This is Curly my ball python, don't know its gender but it's very docile and shy. Curly is just above 3ft in length now and is a very nice snake to have.

it drinks from a mug.

it eats hamsters.. occasionally.

for more pics of the swallowing process, click here

Many people feel that feeding mice and hamsters to snakes is cruel because mice and hamsters are "cute". Well I beg to differ on the grounds of the following pictures.

yum yum!
c'est la delicieux! (I don't know how to insert the accented e in "delicieux", if anyone knows how please let me know *ive can't paste or use alt+0233 for some reason*)
2 hamsters from the same group of 6 ended up like this. They would bully the weakest hamster in the group by biting it and chasing it around till it dies, then they would fight over the corpse of a dead hamster. Even when I tried scaring them away from the corpse by shoving them aside, they'd only rub their faces and scurry back to the corpse like hyenas.This mouse was cannibalized by it's siblings. Had several similar cases.

Still think they are cute and adorable?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

General and Misc and stuff..

Mom was eating rambutan that day as dad opened peeled the skins off for her. Walked pass and saw an obscenely structured one.
Mom stopped eating and wriggled in disgust when dad found this little slug or snail on one of the rambutans. Looks like a slug but has that tumor-like eye on its back.. could there have been a shell there?

tra-la-la-la-la..happy slug
sad slug..

One man's poison, another man's meat.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

*Pop goes the Squirrel!

My brother Kevin gave me some interesting news today. Right after dinner, i eagerly grabbed the camera and went to the location where my next topic lay popped. I walked and walked and there it was, dog poop. I found out that dogs hair do not only get stuck to our shirts when we hug them, it appears that they also get stuck to their shit!! Check it out!!
They kinda look like roasted beef chunks or chocolate.. but if you think that this is what I got so excited about, ur wrong. Cz after taking that pic I walked for about another 2 meters and a cloud of buzzing flies erupted from a brown object in front of me. Ta-da Pwned squirrel. I try to remind myself to get chew toys for my dogs, but then with these things going on, I don't have to, they seem entertained enough. But seriously, squirrels are pretty fast..must be another one of those noob squirrels. *i just farted while typing that last sentence and it ripped through my pants and rang the thin chair seat in a tone that seemed to twist and spiral along the notes* As usual, the poor critter's eye got busted. One fly was still savoring it's saliva soaked carcass, either it was retarded and cudn't sense my presence or it was brave, either way, I appreciate its presence cz it makes the pic so much more authentic and natural. If you view the enlarged version of the pic, you can also see a mite that i circled.

If you are wondering which dog it was, it was Molly, the 0.50dalmation.

I will not post the other dog's pic until she does something worthy of my blogging time.

Just remember the dogpoo and picture it as your food. Also imagine urself chewing on the gooey squirrel when you're eating something. I hope you will enjoy it^_^

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Today was a pretty ghey day, everything as very pleasant. Woke up late, had lunch, did a 2 page assignment in an hour, reached college in time, parked right in front of class building, had a great time with friends, class ended very early, traffic was nice to me, lights were green almost all the way. What a ghey day it was. Nothing much about today except that it was ghey, so I'll share something interesting with u.

Here are some nice and corny pictures fer ya, hope u enjoy them cz i can't.. i still cant stand to look at it for more than 5 secs.


My brother had a corn on his foot. He used some meds on it and the outcome was pretty cool as u can see on the pics above. Here it is after a few more days of treatment, the top dropped off to reveal an eye.

Then the eye iris dropped off.

I must say that the meds are good shit, this is the first time i've every witnessed something like this. It happened a month ago but i only got the pics up now, I know ur gona thank me profusely for sharing these with u so I'd like to say you are most welcome and it is my pleasure to share them with you. Sweet dreams=) *picture them constantly in your food, on your feet, on the walls, on each of your keyboard keys..