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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Made with Passion

Soya bean milk. I've been ordering this stuff whenever i go yam cha or have lunch for the past 2 weeks. So addicted to it. This particular brand offers a trip to Bangkok if you get the marked cap so that's a bonus; haven't won yet tho. This brand of soyabean milk is interesting becaus it is ...
which leads one to imagine and wonder how does one "passionately make" soyabean milk.
Do they moan, groan and whimper as they grind the beans?
Do they sweat their butts off and furiously lock their eyes and facial muscles in concentration when they "carefully-select ingredients"?
Do they climax and wet themselves with orgasmic fluid while working on this at the soy factory?
or worse, are they trying to indirectly tell us that the soy milk contains their passionately secreted bodily fluids(when i last checked, sperm is made from protein)?
It's truly a wonder..but I enjoy drinking that stuff=)

Interesting b'day party. It was a long week. Barely got enough sleep for the past 3 days due to rushtation of assignments. After passing up my last assignment, I did not feel the freedom and ecstasy that I should've been feeling. I still had unfinished business.

After reaching home, I dashed straight for the glorious throne of purity and drop-shipped some processed food and liquid. It felt alot better than it normally does, almost even better than how it felt when I ate the food. My stress seemed to ooze out along with semi-solid chunks of crackling crusty crap's crappy patties as freedom rushed through my veins to fill the void.. It felt great. These are things in life that we should pay more attention to and appreciate more for the greatness that they bring far exceeds their simplicity.

Ok anyway, back to the party.
There was a big baloon, not a huge party but there was a huge cake which was very very very very tasty. The 2 ppl fooling around in th pic are the bday girl's romeo and her 11 year old hyperactive sister(she wasn't doing that just to pose, she is THAT hyperactive, she is the most hyperactive kid-girl i've ever seen. If she was a few years older i'd say she's insane).

I filled a clear pill canister with a baby tarantula's skin, 2 big tarantula legs which i plucked off from their skin and a piece of snake skin. It's meant for ornamental purposes and looks similar to the one in the pics below
Silica gel to keep it dry. B'day girl got grossed out so I took it back.
I also brought a tarantula there, wanted to give her bro or her, but her bro left early and her mom din like it, surprise surprise..It's an called an indian ornamental tarantula p regalis, it was a matured male at about 5-6". First thing the people there did when I took the tarantula out was to ask if I could touch it. I did knowing well that it will dash out of the container and run all over the place, and it did. I wasn't worried tho cz it's really no big deal since it won't simply bite. Managed to catch it back.

The best part about bringing the tarantula there was when it actually bit someone!! How thrilling=) I wasn't there when they attempted to "play" with it again. So it did the usual run for its life when disturbed and some dude attempted to pick it up by literally grabbing it. He got tagged and bled a bit.

This species is known for the potency of its venom. Though it never killed anyone, someone actually went into a 2 day coma after getting bitten by a tarantula of this species.

I examined his middle finger which got tagged and it seemed pretty swollen. I actually thought that it was swollen and was hoping for it to get worse till i asked him to show me his other middle finger and IT WAS EQUALLY FAT!!! *poton stim sial*.. My fren was lucky tho cz all he got was a very numb finger (not sure if he's still alive now tho). It's not that I want him to suffer and die, I'm just curious to find out what it would be like to get envenomed by a tarantula cz I have not got tagged myself and don't intend to. It's always funnier when someone else gets it lol.

The bday woman and her shitzu which just grabbed her meat.

The matchbox that was used to light the candles on the bday cake after the guy who got bitten earlier got humiliated by offering his zippo(which failed to light up) to light the candles. Poor guy, "hou sam mou hou pou"..
These matches seem great.
-they can "tahan lembad"(withstand something, watever that is)
-they are "mancis keselamatan"(safety matches - very important selling point cz it isn't safe to use if it isn't a safety match;).
Judging by the relevance of sincerity to a match and tobacco factory, you can see that the company that made it was named by someone who just wanted to give it a name for the sake of giving it a name.

Overall it was an intereting day. I went for a drink with some friends after that, then played Call Of Duty with them and then went forest trailing with my friend at 2am. WHAT A DAY!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

German neighbour went to Germany for some training. His house was empty, we threw a BBQ party there. Most people's reaction when i told them the location of the party was "..." or "right..." or "wtf? your neighbour's?". I only began calling half of the people there one night before the party and the turnout was not bad, even some that i forgot to invite came, thankfully. Rama had a usual outing with his relative(s) which he almost always does when we have gatherings and many of them indirectly boycotted our party by being "overseas to study".Some had so much fun that they burnt their meat.Eric, the light colored shirted guy on the far left, spoke with 100% enthusiasm that night. He was the loudest. I could even hear him yell "WHAT THE HELL bla bla bla.." when i went into my hse to get something.Kwokiman's coconut bucket of chopped fruits. Not sure what else he dropped in there but it was nice.Angeline n Viggy enjoyed the critters alot. Brought some fellers to my room cz they wanted to check out the animals i kept there. Angeline is a pretty brave girl, she dared to let a 6" tarantula crawl up her arm, and she looks so much better with a tarantula on her than most local female tarantula hobbyists haha, it's true , it's true..Angeline really loved Honeybuns, she carried her around and placed her on her lap for quite a long time. Honeybuns flaunted her cuteness n stuff.. LOA la she. She(HB) was pretty well behaved that night but was abit racist. Didn't wana go near vignesh. Which leads me to believe that chun hung has indian blood cz she discriminated him as well.

Molly on the other hand, slipped out the gate and dashed down the hill and onto the streets at full speed when she saw me chasing her. I believe i chased her for a good 500m in my dropping jeans which i had to constantly pull up and hard slippers that made it hell for my bones. I even had a cramp on my right calve half way tru but i was so pissed that ignored it and kept running. The bitch ran across a few roads and stopped somehwere at the roundabout. I caught her and carried her back. She was truly the bitch of the night. Wish i had a tranquilizer gun for times like those.
The first 6 ppl that came wore black, including me. In the end, you can see that most wore either black or whitish colors, except for suping and jong. Nothing special here except it reminded me about the Priory of Sion's ritual. We joked about bringing masks and swaying around the 2 people there with different colored clothes while they execute the main ritual. Anyway the party kicked off at around 8.15 and ended at nearly one. We cleaned up abit and went to Clutch to play Call of Duty and some other game. Am too tired to blog now, gona go laze around.. ciao for now.

Thanx to those who came an made it such a fun night!!!!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Degree in 2 weeks, now that's what I call short and sweet. For those of you who just want to pass and don't give a sh*t about scoring well, what are you waiting for? stop wasting your time and $$ and call up to get your very own bundle of PHDs!

I came across this piece of crap when I was creating new blog dedicated to tarantulas. I wanted to use latarantula as my blog ad but it was already taken! Out of curiosity, visited latarantula and it was blank except for 4 comments and all of them are ads@_@, one of them was the 1 in the pic above. What a waste of blognames.. I wonder why they bother advertising there since it only annoys people and makes their company hated and look cheap. Anyway if u ever wonder what nerdies like me waste time and money on, you can check out my Tarantula Blog. If you are Rama Gnana and you laugh at me, you're gay.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Above:The view from my car

Above: guess where this is

Above: The other lane where the pipe burst

No we did not get food at prom, all i had there was warm water but that's fine, we went mamaking after that since me and 2 of my friends were hungry.

I was numb from the stress at prom and was driving with my friends in the car. I farted quite a few times in the car but no1 noticed, what a waste of good gas i say..sigh
. As i drove to a junction, I was greeted by the glorious sight and sound of gushing water out of the ground and onto the street, it was like a water park. There was so much water gushing out from the burst pipe under the road on the next lane that it flowed over the dividers and flooded all 3 roads! It's like the city knew I had a crappy night and decided to burst one of its pipes at such a nice location
so i could drive through the water!!!

I was having a full bladder and thought of contributing to the pool of fun that night, but when more cars came along i chose not to. I honestly felt so tempted to run about in the water and fool around in it, kicking it up and getting wet.. wudv been fun. If only i wore slippers that night i wudv at least got a chance to walk through it. oh the regrets..

I couldn't resist getting down to examining the situation. Another person was already photographing the flowing water by the time i got there and so did i. The pics can be enlarged if you click on them, so click to climax. After taking the pics i got back into the car and did what i love doing, dropped to low gear and sped through the river!!!! what an orgasmic feeling that was, ur jelous and i know it!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Band Blues

Our performance at the prom didn't go as well as planned. Alot happened before, during, and after our performance that made most of the experience crappy for me and the rest of the band.

Our beloved, beadored and begayed drummer. Tragically, our cameras could not capture any pictures of him during the prom because the drumset covered him off, so I uploaded this pic of him in an old studio.

There are too many intimate details for my lazy @ss to type here but this is basically what happened on prom day:

We lost our drive to play and the organizers got superstressed due to major attitude problems by one of our band members and some black snowman.

We're looking for a new bassist now.. wish us luck!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yeah she's gentle and dainty, but she's also good shit. Molly(a half dalmation given to us by our neighbour cz he left for germany) was found chewing on this dead rat. The highlight of this outcome is it's blownout eye which doesn't resemble an eye anymore, maybe just the color lol.

If we could just begin imagine how it might have felt like to sink our teeth into that soaking dead meat as juices ooze out and as its little feet and whippy tail twitch to tickle the sides and inside of your mouth, as swampy liquid begin to accumulate in your mouth and flow down your chin and neck, you try to swallow as much of it as possible. You then position its head between your back teeth and bite down hard! its skull crushes and its eyes get blown out, some liquid ooze out again but this time it tastes bitter and stale, imagine the taste, the smell..

Maybe they should use this as a fear factor stunt.