Ich bin Kennnn

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rainbows resemble huge frowning lips. They signify unhappiness and bring out the worst in people - those who find unhappiness beautiful.

Which is why i feel that goths (espcially most local "goths") should colorize themselves with more variety. You're not fooling us with your tryhard and wanabe fetishes for pain, sadness, darkness and "evil and demonic" things, so why fool yourselves?

Greetings fellow climaxers, now that you're wet and warm right there, collect your secretions and preserve them in little tubes so that you can sip it when it's too tempting but too inconvenient to do so.

I'm aware that some of you have powerful pumps and may have tore some tissue and now have bloodstained secretions, if that's what you have then congrats, I'm happy for you! The rest of you can try to achieve similar miracles by stabbing your secretors with used needles from your nearest hospital before you click to climax the next time around.

What you see and read won't help you much in understanding me, I'm just doing this for mental exercise, to strengthen and expand them squishy tubes. You could probably use this post to guage your mental illness because the sicker you find this, the sicker your perception is and the sicker you are.

Hope you either love or hate my shit as extremely as possible.